Rance is a certified youth sports fitness trainer. He has helped many young athletes improve their sports fitness and improve their confidence on the field or on the court.

Rance works with youth football and high school athletes. If you are a offensive skilled position player and need to improve your speed, agility, and quickness we have the workouts for you.

Speed training programs for all sports.  Game speed and times speed are what my speed program focuses on developing  Learn speed training methods that will put your game to a new level. Contact me for a one hour training evaluation by using the contact form. 

If you are a defensive football player I have the football training program to improve your tackling, posture, and reaction skills. Defense is different than offense and learning good fundamentals will help you be a good player.

The Corona Virus or COVID-19

We are taking extra steps to keep our training facility clean and sanitized for our young athletes.

Clients can work out with latex gloves or use hand sanitizer during workout sessions

If you are sick we ask that you stay at home and do your training there.

We offer you online and home workout programs too.

Ask about our home workout programs and online training program.

​Stay safe but keep your game in shape as always

My young athletes show a commitment to the process of youth development and performance. I have some great clients and some that are just starting their programs. My goal is to teach training principles to young athletes. 

My softball athletes are challenged in their sports training program. Teaching young athletes how to challenge themselves is a part of the growth process. Having fun during the developmental stages must not be forgotten or ignored. I make sure we do both.

Youth baseball sports trainer Rance Palmer has spent a great part of his life around baseball players at all levels. My goal with young baseball athletes is to play at a competitive level and prepare for high school programs. Most youth baseball players will not play in college or professional. High school preparation is my main focus with young baseball athletes. 

Building strong young junior golf athletes with determination and desire to succeed. Specializing in young female golf athletes who want to take their game to a much higher level. Male and female junior golf athletes will improve with my training methods.

Training and developing young competitive athletes ages 12yrs and up. One hour sports training program is designed for maximum training in a short period of time that works with your very busy sports schedule. 

Rpsportstraining "trains the best young athletes"

Training Facility

Youth Sports Training Programs

Rance Palmer is a certified youth sports fitness trainer. He has over 15yrs of experience in working with and developing young athletes. His training methods comes from years of experience researching and developing young athletes. My training methods have proven to be a success for many young athletes over the years.

Rance has learned from some of the most knowledgeable trainers and coaches in the nation. He belongs to many organizations and has memberships to the best programs in the nation.

Hundreds of young athletes have used my sports training programs over the last several years. I am always looking for more dedicated young athletes and parents who want their kids to have work ethic..

rpsportstraining is located in Rocklin, Ca.

Competitive Girls volleyball speed, agility, and quickness program designed for teenage athletes. High school volleyball is a physically demanding sport that requires young athletes to have good footwork, agility, and explosive movements to play at a higher level

   Here are some Quick Answers for common questions.

Are you a parent or young athlete that is looking for a sports training program that will help you improve your skills? 

My sports training programs are designed for boys and girls ages 12yrs and up. I use safe and proven training methods for young athletes who to develop their game.

What youth sports training programs are offered? 

Sports trainer Rance offers several youth sports training programs for girls and boys. I have many sports training certifications and memberships for several youth sports.

For a list of my youth sports programs look at the links above Click the link above for more detailed information.


How do you contact Rance for more information?

Click the Contact Us link to find out where my sports training facility is located and to set up your first one hour sports training evaluation. 

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Fill out the online contact form  and I will contact you within 24-48hrs. Thank You for your support

Youth Sports Trainer

Rance Palmer is a highly experienced youth trainer

Have your young athlete be a part of my sports nutrition program.  My sports nutrition program is designed for young athletes who want to eat and be at their best for games. Learn how to train hard and recover smart.

Contact youth sports trainer Rance Palmer for more information about my youth sports training programs. Fill out the contact form in less that 60 seconds and you will receive more information about my services, rates, times and availablity. 

My goal is to help young athletes achieve their potential and dreams. Maximize your talents and abilities through a process that places you on the path towards success.

Certified volleyball instructor Rance Palmer offers his clients the best volleyball training methods and applications. Specializing in developing young female volleyball athletes ages 12yrs and up. 

Youth sports trainer Rance Palmer meets up with ex 49er and Superbowl Champion Dwight Hicks at a golf tournament in Palm Springs California. I have met many professional athletes in my career and enjoy sharing time discussing their thoughts on what made them great.

Working with young soccer athletes on the type of training program needed for their sport. Athletic soccer training is what I focus on with my young soccer athletes. Soccer speed, agility, and quickness is a must for competitive soccer athletes. Soccer injury prevention is a must for all young soccer athletes. Soccer is the #1 sport for youth injuries.

Easy payment options for you to choose from. Choose from several different options and plans to save you money and make it easy.

High school training programs for young baseball athletes ages 14yrs and up. I have an extensive background on youth and high school baseball. My ABCA membership keeps me updated on current events 

Being invited to signing day by my young athletes is a fun and rewarding time for both of us. High school can be a great growth period for young athletes and for those that continue to work and improve their skills can be rewarded. Great Job Kate Slack