Rance Palmer is a certified youth sports fitness trainer. He has over 15yrs of experience in working with and developing young athletes. His training methods, experience, and sports background have proven to be a success for many young athletes.

Youth sports trainer Rance has learned from some of the most knowledgeable trainers and coaches in the nation. He applies what is learned from these trainers and coaches to his young athletes.

Contact me about my sports training programs for young athletes. I can send you information through email or you can speak to me by phone.

   Here are some Quick Answers for common questions.

Are you a parent or athlete that is looking for a sports training program that will help you improve your skills? 

My sports training programs are designed for boys and girls ages 12yrs and up. I use safe and proven methods for young athletes who want to grow through sports training.

What youth sports training programs are offered? 

Sports trainer Rance offers several youth sports training programs for girls and boys. I have many certifications and memberships for several youth sports activities. For a list of my youth sports programs look at the links above for more information.


How do you contact Rance for more information?

Click the Contact Us link to find out where my sports training facility is located and to set up a one hour evaluation. 

Fill out the online contact form  and I will contact you within 24-48hrs. Thank You for your support

Rpsportstraining "trains the best young athletes"

Youth Sports Trainer
rpsportstraining is located in Rocklin, Ca.

Rance Palmer is a highly experienced youth trainer

Training Facility

Youth Sports Training Programs

rpsportstraining offers you a great youth football and high school football training program to develop strength, speed and power.

rpsportstraining instructor Rance Palmer offers his clients the best training methods and applications for growth and development 

My softball client Maddy and I share her trophy after a big team win.

Dryland training program for swimmers and water polo players. My dryland training program is designed for young athletes who need to develop strength and prevent common injuries associated with their sport..

16yr old Carson play high school football and is a cornerback for his team. Cornerback is a tough positions to play.You need strong fundamentals and a mental toughness to play this position. We are developing the speed, agility, and quickness needed for a cornerback.

Youth Sports Training

Girls lacrosse speed, agility, and quickness program designed for young lacrosse athletes. Lacrosse is a physically demanding sport that requires young athletes to have stamina, endurance, and strength to perform well.


rpsportstraining offers you the best junior golf fitness training program for young athletes who want to maximize their distance.

Building strong young athletes with determination and desire to succeed. 16yr old Sophia demonstrates what it takes to build a strong and powerful body. She continues to improve her sports fitness with consistency and commitment.

My ultimate goal with my young athletes is to maximize their talents through a sports training program that is specifically designed for their needs. Most of my young athletes play competitive sports and have goals to attend college and play there also. Only a small percentage of young athletes have a chance of playing in college so it is important for them to grow and develop their game fast. 

Cal softball coach Diane Ninemire and I share a moment during a camp.