How committed are you to the process?

Fox News interview about youth sports and football related injuries. 15yrs of youth sports training gives you a big education on the perils of youth sports. However everyone must ask does the benefits of youth sports exceed the risks taken by boys and girls.

Taylor Pack 2019 NCAA College World Series Softball Champion at UCLA. Taylor started training with me when she was 12yrs old.

2010 Florida Gators National Championship Softball Team

My most crowning moment as a sports trainer was when one of my favorite clients and families sharing a moment winning the 2014 NCAA Softball College World Championships.

Former client Stephanie Tofft sharing a precious moment with her family with the national championship trophy while at the University of Florida. She was the starting 3rd baseman who played extremely well in the championship game to help them win it all versus Alabama.

Stephanie was introduced to my sports training program when she was 11yrs old and continued until she was in college. A gifted young athlete who had the "will and determination" to succeed. Most of all one of the most competitive young athletes you would ever want to meet.

Going to the 2009 MLB Hall of Fame Introduction of Rickey Henderson was a great experience. Meeting some of the all-time greats and speaking about their experiences allows me to share these moments with my athletes.

Developing young Athletes by teaching

That is my "training methodology" when working with young athletes. What makes a trainer "special" is his or her ability to work by educating young athletes of the benefits of sports training.

I show you how to attain your goals with workout programs that are designed to build the confidence you need to play your best at all times. "If you believe you can achieve what you want"

Meet your sports trainer

ISSA Certified YOuth sports fitness trainer

Rance has been a certified youth sports fitness trainer for over 15yrs. He has learned how to train young athletes and earned his certification with ISSA educational programs. It is important for parents and coaches to understand that training young athletes is different than training adults.

Rance is a current member of the National Strength & Conditioning Association considered the best training association in the world. He has earned his C.S.C.S. certification and continues to attend training clinics and seminars. 

As a certified youth sports trainer he understands the differences between adults and training young athletes 10yrs and up. Rance has learned the correct training methods for young athletes under 18yrs of age. He recognizes that young athletes are different than adults physically, mentally, emotionally, and anatomically

Rance is a ISSA certified sports nutritionist. He has learned how to apply sports nutrition and sports training to get the most out of his young athletes. Young athletes in my sports training programs will learn the benefits of sports nutrition and how to apply it towards their training, practice, and games. 

Rance has designed sports training and nutritional programs for all of his young athletes.  My number one goal as a youth sports trainer is to introduce boys and girls into the world of sports training and enjoy the process of growth and development.

For The College Bound Athletes

Rance has made contacts with some of the best college coaches. He meets different coaches at all levels from D-1, D-2, D-3 and NAIA. His goal is to learn from some of the best and most respected coaches in the nation. Here is a photo of me with head coach of Cal softball Diane Ninemire who has over 600 wins at the D-1 college level.


Rance Palmer is the owner and youth sports trainer of rpsportstraining

Rance Training Certifications below

ISSA certified youth sports fitness trainer. 

ISSA certified sports nutritionist

NSCA Certified & current Member 

CPR/AED Certified

First Tee Junior Golf Member

ACBA Youth Baseball Member

ASA Girls Softball Member

NSCAA Soccer Membership

AVCA Volleyball Coach Member

USA Youth Football Member

USA Swim Member

15yrs of sports training experience

Have trained 100's of young athletes

      #9 Stephanie Tofft in uniform for the

                       2014 Florida Gators national championship team

My Training Philosophy

Today's youth sports activities are very competitive. Every coach, parent, and player wants to win. The pressure is on young athletes to perform and play to win games or matches.


Playing competitive youth sports requires a lot of time, commitment, money, and travel for most young athletes. Today's Parents are more involved than ever with their sons and daughters playing sports.


How do you teach your son or daughter to compete in such an competitive environment and still enjoy their sport?


My answer to this question is to keep sports fun and enjoyable. That is the #1 reason boys and girls play sports, because it is fun. When sports are no longer fun kids can become overly emotional and not enjoy the game anymore.


Coaches, Parents, and Players need to realize that every kid is not going pro or going to college on a full ride scholarship.


However you can make your child have wonderful experiences with the sports of their choice. Teach them how to compete and be a good sport win or lose.


My youth sports training program is designed to teach boys and girls how to train and be the best athlete they can. I also help them how to have a healthy lifestyle that will carry them far beyond the court or playing field.

Rance Palmers certifications and memberships to some of the best youth associations and organizations