How do you prepare for competition in Junior Golf Tournaments?

With my junior golf program boys and girls will learn how to train and prepare for their best in Junior Golf Tournaments.

We can prepare you for success on the golf course when you need it most in the big tournaments.

If you are preparing for your high school championships or a Junior golf tournament let me show you the best workouts you can do to prepare for these big tournaments.

My young athletes were very prepared for the 2015 Junior golf state     championships. They did very well and had the focus and energy to finish strong.

Contact Junior golf fitness coach Rance Palmer and let him prepare you for your next big tournament. We also have short term and long term golf fitness and skills programs for you to choose from.

Junior Golf Fitness Program

is designed for competitive boys and girls

Join our 5-10 week junior golf training program to maximize your length off the tee and your stamina for 9-18 holes. You will learn how some of the best PGA and LPGA golfers train for their sport. You will also learn how some of the best college golf programs train their athletes.  Contact Junior Golf Fitness trainer Rance Palmer for a golf fitness evaluation.

Helping my young golf clients reach their goals in golf tournaments. Golf is a very competitive game and you must be at your best to compete in junior golf events. 

Junior Golf and high school athlete Drake does his golf exercises. He has a program that is designed to increase his rotational core strength to develop more distance off the tee.

Professional junior golf fitness trainer Rance Palmer can help you improve your scores. Low scores are important for all golfers but top junior golfers must be ready to perform when needed.

Girls junior golf is growing rapidly throughout the nation. There are more opportunities for young ladies to play golf and earn college scholarships if that is their goal. Contact Golf fitness instructor Rance Palmer for more information.

This is my golf team photo of the foursome and our caddies. We have just finished the 18th hole. My group was made up of parents and coaches from all over the nation. Great experience and enjoyment.

Below is high school golf athlete Chris who plays junior golf. His goal was to improve his overall fitness and strength to play 9-18 holes of golf at a high level. Great improvement!!

PGA Tour Pro Rory McElroy does his strength training program and why not you. One of the best mens golfers in the world knows how important it is to develop the kind of body that will last the test of time and produce results on the golf course. Why not you?

Every young golfer should work on their short game. Fundamentals are very important for young junior golfers who who want a strong short game. Learning how to putt and chip with distance control will save them strokes. How to hit bunker shots and get up and down will make them better players. My junior golf program allows them to work on these skills through fundamental drills.

Building strong female junior golf athletes with the best training program. This junior golf program is designed for junior golfers who want to excel at their sport. Learn from one of the best junior golf fitness coaches.

Prepare for High School Golf Tournaments

My junior golf athletes prepare for big golf tournaments. I design golf specific exercises for athletes who want to do well in big golf tournaments. Here are some of the golf tournaments that my junior golfers prepare for.

We design a 5 week Junior Golf Tournament Training Package that will make your fresh, strong and ready to perform at your best. Please contact Rance Palmer if you need to prepare for these big tournaments.

High School Golf Tournaments

*Helen Lengfeld Memorial Tournament

San Mateo, California

*CIF Nor Cal Championships

Salinas, California

*California State Championships

Monterey, California

Pebble Beach Golf

My golf trip to the most beautiful golf course

In 2015 I took a golf trip to one of the most beautiful golf courses in the world. For any one who loves the game of golf they want to play Pebble Beach. It was one of my life's dream to play Pebble Beach and my goal was achieved in 2014.

Golf Digest ranked Pebble Beach #1 Public Golf Course. PGA Hall of Fame golfer Jack Nicholas said if he had one golf course to play in the world it would be Pebble Beach.

I attended the California State Championships for junior golfers at Pebble Beach. It was great to support my golf clients and see some of the top young golfers in the nation.

Junior golf fitness

designed for boys and girls


 6 ways We build junior golfers into young athletes:


1. We improve your upper and lower body flexibility through dynamic and static stretching

2. We improve your core and rotational strength with various exercises made to bring more length to your game

3. We Increase your upper and lower body strength by using bands, dumbbells, medicine balls, and more..

4. We increase your explosive power through jumps and medicine ball training exercises that are for golfers

5. We help develop balance and stability with your swing and foundation

6. We can help your with a golf specific meal plan that will build your body and help you sustain energy for 18 holes


Contact Golf Fitness trainer Rance Palmer to set up a 1hr golf athletic evaluation to find strengths and weaknesses.




Golf Fitness Instructor

certified golf trainer Rance Palmer


Rance has a strong reputation in getting the most out of his junior golfers through his 5-10 workout program


Rance has proven methods to maximize the potential of junior golfers through fitness and bring their game to another level

Rance continues to use new and old training methods by attending workshops and learning more. He applies all he learns to his students so they can be more competitive athletes.


Rance plays golf about once a week and is an NCGA Member andhas an 13 index


Rance belongs to the 1st Tee youth organization and participates in local events for junior golfers in Northern California



My training program is designed for the junior golfer who wants to become a better athlete on the golf course. Helping young junior golfers prepare for college golf programs.

Junior Golf Fitness Instructor Rance Palmer designs workout programs for young golf athletes. My goal is to develop the strength, power, and flexibility in young golfers.

Rance has learned from some of the best golf fitness instructors and has transformed that knowledge to use with his young golfers. He uses his sports training experience to educate young golfers on the benefits of golf fitness.

Rance has a goal is to help as many young golf athletes reach their full potential and learn the game of golf. For more information about my junior golf program fill out the contact form.

Hannah is doing putting arc drills to develop tempo for her putting stroke. She is doing her putting drills with a tool that teaches you how long your stroke should be by your length through and back.

Come to our indoor golf training facility to use the tools to help you be successful on the golf course.