We do Quarterback training for footwork, agility, and quickness. Are you a drop back passer or a dual-threat quarterback?

Working with skills position players such as wide receivers. Do you have that first step quickness and ability to separate from defenders? How is your route running and ability to start and stop? 

Do you need that straight ahead speed for combines or college camps? That 40yd dash is important and you technique has to be very good. Can you accelerate for 40yds under pressure?

Young quarterbacks should be athletic and have a strong enough arm to throw the ball down the field. They should have quick feet and agility to avoid pass rushers. Playing QB is a tough job so you better be very good at the position. .

On the right is 12yr old Caleb who is preparing for the youth football season. He has played flag football but he wants to play tackle football this season.

His goal is to be physically and mentally prepared for the football season. He has a 10 week workout program that is designed for his young football needs.

Caleb is doing one hour workouts that consists of strength training, core training, speed training, agility and quickness training.

We have done football related drills and skills that will help him on the football field such as catching and positional play. He is in much better football condition now than when he started.

At rpsportstraining we build young athletes on a solid foundation. Our main focus is to instill basic fundamentals for their football fitness training and skills workouts.

Our young football athletes enjoy the sports training program because we have a great environment for development and growth. Young football athletes improve their footwork, speed, and agility each workout.

Our football players are ready for the new season because of their improved conditioning and skills training. Coaches notice the improvement right away when we have time to prepare them.

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Football fitness

for young athletes

Young athletes must get into the best shape they can before the season starts. Here is how we do it.


Your 1hr football workouts will include:

1. SAQ training (speed, agility, & quickness)

2. Upper and lower body strength training workouts to build a strong foundation

3. Upper and lower body plyometric training to build an explosive football athlete

4. Core strength to combine the upper and lower body

5. Flexibility training to prevent injuries and fluidity

6. Balance and stability training to be in control of your body

7. Football sports nutrition and hydration meal plans to recover from tough workouts and practices.


Why should a young football athletes train?

Young football athletes need to develop the speed, agility, and quickness for skilled positions. Youth football is a rough sport and young athletes need to develop strength and power too.  We help you become a total player by:


1. Developing your skills required for your position(s)

2. Improving you game by repetitions

3. You will learn how to play your position right

4. Offensive and defensive linemen drills and skills

5. Wide receivers and defensive back drills and skills

6. Running back drills and skills

7. Linebacker drills and skills

8. Quarterback drills and skills

9. Special team positions

10. Learn what it takes to be a better football player




youth football fitness and skills training program

designed for serious young athletes

Our1hr youth football fitness and skills program is designed for serious young athletes who wish to excel on the football field. Young athletes will learn how to train correctly for the sports of football. Football is a physically demanding sports and requires its athletes to be in great shape before the season begins. Football players can contact coach Rance Palmer to set up an 1hr athletic evaluation to determine your strengths and weaknesses.


High school quarterbacks comes in many varieties, sizes, and abilities. Some are passers, some are runners, some are dual threats. They need to be developed to their athletic skill set to be one of the best players on the field. If you are a quarterback and want to develop your athletic skills for the game please contact me for a one hour evaluation. Quarterbacks need to be trained differently than other skills positions.

14yr old football athlete (above) does her upper body strength training. He wants to get in shape for youth football season. Our goal is to develop improve his strength and conditioning for the upcoming season football season. 15yr old high school football athlete (on the right) wants to prepare for high school football tryouts. This is his 1st season playing football at the high school level. We are improving his cardio and overall conditioning for football. Our goal is to have him prepared for football tryouts.

On the right is cornerback Carson of Placer High School continues to work on his skills and athleticism. Our goal is to develop a complete cornerback with speed, agility, and quickness.

We have developed a workout program that will benefit him as a football player. His workouts are designed for cornerbacks who want to excel at the position.

We have designed a sports nutrition program that will help him gain more lean muscle mass. He is learning how to recover from his workouts with a sound nutrition and hydration  program.

Young football players can play many different positions at a young age. However how do you develop your young football player for the future? Can he play that same position in high school or will he have to learn another position?.

USA Youth Football Organization

I am a N.C.A.C.E. certified youth football coach and member of USA Youth Football Organization. USA football teaches the fundamentals for working with young football athletes. We learn how to tackle and how to play the game safely.


USA football supplies us coaches and members with updated information on how to work with young football athletes. They supply me with offensive and defensive fundamentals.

USA football offers its coaches and members training and certification by National Council of Accreditation  of Coaching Education. N.C.A.C.E. Click the picture (Left) for more information

How do you develop the high school football athlete? How do you develop your football player for high school football? High school football is much different than pop warner football. The football players in high school are much bigger and faster. They are more skilled at their positions. High school varsity football programs strength and conditioning programs are more rigorous and demanding on your body. If you want to prepare your son for high school football or if you are in high school my football training program can help you.

Speed Training Workouts

Skill position football players need to have speed on the field. Our goal is to make each skill position player run as fast as they can. We work on improving your running form and mechanics. We also work on improving your stride rate and length to maximize your speed.

To be a fast runner for football strength and power is needed also. We do a variety of strength training and power training workouts for our football athletes.  If you want more speed we have the program for you.