High School Baseball athletes will have baseball workout programs designed to maximize their throwing velocity and bat speed. Base-running workout designed to have you score runs and take extra bases

The MLB Hall of Fame is located in Cooperstown, New York. The Otesaga Hotel is located in Copperstown also. This Hotel is where the Hall of Famers and their families stay at during the inductions. The Hotel was built for a girls boarding school in the 1900's.

Baseball youth sports fitness and skills coach Rance Palmer takes a photo with MLB Hall of Famer Johnny Bench. I met legendary Cincinnati Reds catcher Johnny Bench at the 2009 MLB Hall of Fame ceremony. We had a chance to speak about catching and what made him so great in the Major Leagues.

Baseball players who have speed have an advantage over other players. My speed training program will have you running the bases much faster and scoring runs. .Improve your 90ft and 120ft times for your college recruiting camps with our speed training program.

My 1hr youth baseball workouts are designed for your specific needs. Young baseball players need a strength training program that will help them create the velocity and running speed needed for the game.

Boys baseball fitness and skills program

designed for serious young baseball players


Youth baseball fitness trainer Rance Palmer will show you how our 1hr baseball specific workouts will be designed to improve your on field performance. We will improve your on-field speed, agility, and quickness. Your baseball strength and rotational power workouts are designed to increase your hitting power, throwing power, and reactive defensive skills.

Youth Sports Training

Young baseball athletes develop the correct strength training methods to build a strong athletic foundation. Workout programs are designed to teach young baseball athletes how to train for their sport and to develop a healthy lifestyle. 

At the 2015 Baseball Hall of Fame I take a photo with two of the best base stealers of all time. Both of these Hall of Famers have one thing in common and that is they are the best of all time. Lou Brock (left) and Rickey Henderson (right).

The #1 amateur baseball coaches association. Rance is a member of the ABCA and is enhancing his knowledge of the game. He attends seminars and clinics that teach, pitching, hitting, fielding, strength and conditioning and motivational skills.

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Baseball Meal Plans  for building your body into a lean strong athlete. We can create a sports nutrition program to help you grow and develop into a strong and fast young athlete.

MLB Hall of Fame Player

Rickey henderson

I am posing with one of the all-time greats Rickey Henderson during his 2009 MLB Hall of Fame introduction. Rickey was an outstanding athlete with speed and power.

Youth Baseball Training Program

designed for young athletes

~~Your 5-10 week baseball training program will include:

#1 Baseball Specific workout programs designed to maximize your talents

#2 Baseball SAQ training (Speed, Agility, and Quickness) for offense and defense

#3 Baseball upper and lower body strength training to build a strong foundation

#4 Baseball upper and lower body plyometric training for improve throwing velocity and hitting power

#5 Baseball balance skills and drills for joint stability and body control

#6 Baseball skills and drills to improve baseball fundamentals

#7 Baseball injury prevention and rehabilitation workouts

#8 Baseball sports nutrition and hydration meal plans to improve on field performance

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