What kind of volleyball workouts and training methods do I apply?

My volleyball clients do workouts specifically designed for young volleyball athletes. We use a 10 week progressive workout method that allows you to develop very good training fundamentals. Each workout you get progressively more athletic as a volleyball player.

Where does volleyball coach Rance get his current training?

Volleyball coach and trainer Rance Palmer uses the knowledge he has gained through AVCA and other volleyball teaching clinics. Rance continues to read articles and attend volleyball coaching seminars to continue his knowledge of the game.

What is my volleyball coaching goals with each client?

My goals are to build my young volleyball athletes on a strong foundation that includes volleyball fitness and fundamentals. There are NO shortcuts to success on the volleyball court. My clients work hard but smart toward their goals

My middle blockers and outside hitters work on their jumping technique and arm swing for maximum jumping height. Good middle blockers and outside hitters need explosive vertical jumps for defense and offense.

Teaching young athletes how to dig balls is important. There are several digging techniques that should be mastered by good volleyball players.

Young volleyball athletes must learn how to develop a good stance and posture for movements. Strong volleyball fundamentals and movement patterns are stressed. My young volleyball athletes learn how to move fast and quick on the court.

College volleyball recruit Paige is excited to be at ColoradoMesa University. She has worked very hard on the practice court and in the training room. Her commitment to improving and development through strength and conditioning brought her game up to the next level. Very proud of her accomplishment and glad to have helped.

Rance has prepared many college volleyball recruits for college strength and conditioning programs. Many young volleyball recruits have no idea what is required form them when they commit to a college volleyball program. My volleyball training program prepares college bound volleyball athletes for the strength and conditioning that is required for the next level.

Certified volleyball sports nutritionist Rance Palmer will provide you with the meal plans to help you maximize your workouts and recovery.  Fuel your body with the foods that will give your the energy to play at a high level. Find out what foods are best for volleyball athletes.

Nutrition Tip. Always start your day with a good breakfast that has plenty of carbohydrates and some protein. Make sure to add a glass of water to your breakfast to hydrate for the day. 

Vertical jump training drills and skills designed to teach a young athlete proper jumping mechanics. Arm swing and approach jump is important for getting maximum height. Gain inches with my program

Top 100 Prep volleyball senior aces My volleyball client Kate plays club and high school volleyball. She is a athletic middle blocker with good lateral movement and an explosive jump. Kate is dedicated young volleyball athlete who is college bound for Cal Poly SLO.

Some of my volleyball clients who play high school and club volleyball made the 2019 Optimist volleyball team all star game. Strength and conditioning was a big part of their success this season.

I have had the pleasure to meet and work with some very good volleyball athletes in my 15yr training career. When you see and work with some top talent you know why they are playing at a higher level. They are all hard working athletes who take pride in their game and academics. My goal is to help every young volleyball athlete to maximize their talents. Every volleyball player may not be fortunate to play in college but they all can enjoy and play their best each time on the court. If you want to work towards your goals and need an experienced volleyball trainer contact me by my contact page or phone call.

My volleyball clients do volleyball specific strength and conditioning exercises. The focus is to develop a volleyball athletes on a strong foundation for injury prevention and explosive movements.

Big 8 Sierra college volleyball athlete and client Khorin is a freshman. She is a late bloomer with much upside to her game.

Volleyball Magazine is an excellent resource for the volleyball community. The magazine features some of the best men and women who play and coach volleyball. You can find out information on some of the best players, high schools and college volleyball teams in the nation.

Many articles feature volleyball training, nutrition, and fitness information to help you improve your game. Learn what some of the best players are doing and compare your training to theirs.

rpsportstraining.com has contributed a few training articles and fitness programs for the magazine. We have used some of our volleyball clients for the articles.

Click the Volleyball Magazine cover (right) and go to their web site for more information. For a subscription to this outstanding magazine go to the link and fill out the information.

Training the best volleyball athletes

Join a volleyball program that will help you on the court

You will find my 1hr volleyball workouts very enjoyable and beneficial. My training methods are designed strictly for young female volleyball athletes.

My training methods are from years of experience and research about how to grow young volleyball athletes. All workout programs are not equal and one training method does not fit all athletes.

Developing young volleyball athletes to play at their best takes work. Volleyball is a very competitive sport and improving you overall game and athleticism will give you an opportunity to be on the court instead of on the sidelines watching. Become a serious volleyball player not just a person who plays volleyball. No matter if you play middle school, high school, or club volleyball my training program can improve your overall game.

My volleyball training program is designed for serious young athletes who play club and high school volleyball. You can join a program that is affordable and is designed to get results fast for any serious young volleyball athlete. Contact me through my online form for more info

My volleyball clients work on developing good fundamentals serving techniques. My volleyball service training methods help you develop a serve you can trust and score points for your team.


Good passing skills should be a priority for young volleyball athletes. My volleyball training program teaches you how to move to receive the ball with a sound platform and move the ball to your target area.

Girls volleyball fitness and skills program

designed for serious volleyball athletes ages 12-18yrs old


Depending on your volleyball needs I can create your  1hr 5-10 week volleyball fitness and skills program that is designed to maximize your on volleyball performance. My volleyball training program is expertly designed for your individual needs based on your measurements and testing results.  Club and High School athletes would benefit tremendously from these volleyball workouts and drills. College bound volleyball athletes will have the fitness and skills to match up and have the game that is wanted by college coaches.

My volleyball clients do a variety of core training exercises. Our goal is to improve strength where volleyball players need it. Most young volleyball players have a weak core and that presents many problems

Improve your volleyball arm swing and create more hitting velocity. Volleyball attackers must put pace on the ball to get kill shots. How fast is your arm swing and how much velocity to you get on your hits?


Volleyball Workouts

are designed to maximize your talents

Our 1hr volleyball workouts are designed for your specific needs. We offer you a unique volleyball training program that fits serious young athletes. You will do specific volleyball exercises and use training tools that will improve you in a very short time.

Female volleyball athletes will learn the best training methods that are used by college and professional athletes. However these programs are scaled down to benefit young athletes ages 12-18yrs old.

Join our volleyball program by starting with a one hour volleyball athletic evaluation. The 1hr athletic evaluation will determine your strengths and weaknesses. You can contact us by filling out our form and pressing send.

Developing volleyball athletes who can defend their positions and help when needed. Foot speed, quickness, and agility is needed on a small court with 5 other athletes in order to be a defensive dandie. 

Attacker 17yr old volleyball client Ivana in action versus ST. Francis HS. Very dedicated volleyball athlete who loves the game.

Helping young volleyball athletes achieve their dreams is what I specialize in. Not everyone will play college but everyone can dream.

College Bound athletes

You need to be ready for the next level

College bound volleyball athletes must be prepared for college by doing the training necessary to bring her fitness and game to the next level. If you happen to be one of the select few who have committed to a college my training program will help you.


College coaches want their freshman athletes to be prepared for the next level of play. My goal is to make your confidence at an all time high when you arrive on campus. Do not be the typical freshman who is not ready to make the jump to the next level.

My college bound athletes train to have the measurements that college programs want. Some college volleyball programs rate top volleyball players in the nation on their VPI or Volleyball Performance Index. Make sure yours measures up.

My belief is if you want to be a college bound player you must train like one before you get the to next level. Either you are serious or you are not and college coaches do not have time for volleyball athletes who do not take their training seriously.

My volleyball training program develops the blocking skills needed to succeed on the volleyball court. Good posture and hand position is a must. Good movements along the net and the ability to time jumps for blocks are important. Seal and penetrate the net is a must. 

Volleyball client KATE SLACK commits to Cal Poly Mustangs to play volleyball. Her goal was to play college volleyball and she achieved her dream..

Add your sports nutrition and hydration program to your training program. You can build a championship body that will produce results on the volleyball court. Let me show you how to make your game plan.

Outside hitters and middle blockers need to attack the ball with velocity and power. Can you hit the ball hard and make kill shots that puts the game away? Does your attacking arm hurt or become sore after games or practices? Learn the correct way to attack the ball with my methods.

Volleyball Fitness & Skills

8 areas to be a good athlete

Your 1hr volleyball workouts will include:

1. Court speed, agility, and quickness is a must for all players

2. Improve your volleyball ball reaction and response time

3. Increase your upper and lower body strength with workouts designed for young female volleyball athletes.

4. Develop the upper and lower body power for explosive vertical jumps to block and attack.

5. Core strength training workouts to maximize upper and lower body power. Develop volleyball specific core training

6. Upper and lower body flexibility training to prevent injuries and increase your mobility.

7. Volleyball sports nutrition and hydration meal plan to help your recover from hard workouts, practices, and tournaments.

8. Volleyball injury prevention and rehabilitation workouts to keep you on the volleyball court and not on the bench