Helping all types of swimmers improve their overall fitness for their sport and event. It does not matter if you are new at swimming or advanced I can help you improve your fitness and times.

High school swimmers or water polo players can improve their overall fitness for their sports. My dryland training program is built on sound training fundamentals for all swim athletes.

Swimmers fitness dry land training program

designed for serious young athletes

You can join my 1hr dry land training for young swimmers. Learn what the best swimmers are doing outside of the pool. We offer the best swim fitness program in Sacramento for young athletes. Enjoy the best workouts that designed specifically for swimmers who want to compete at the highest levels. Contact swim fitness coach Rance Palmer for a 1hr fitness evaluation to determine your strengths and weaknesses.

What does my dry land training program do for young swimmers and water-polo players that makes the program successful? 

My first assignment is to access your strengths and weaknesses. We access your strengths and weaknesses with a one hour evaluation. The evaluation examines your overall athletic ability.

My value is designing strength and power training programs for you based on your evaluation. You dry land training program will consists of what your needs are. Our progressive training and workouts will help you grow at a steady but rapid pace.

The bottom line is your swim times will go down. Your stamina and endurance will improve with our specialize workout programs.

Swim fitness instructor Rance Palmer is a member of the USA Swimmers Organization. The USA swimming organization is the national governing body for the sport of swimming in the United States.

USA swimming has over 400,000 members that promotes the culture of swimming by creating opportunities for swimmers and coaches from all backgrounds to participate and advance in the sport through clubs, events, and education.

Swim fitness instructor Rance continues to improve his training program with the help of USA Swimming Organization and others to help his young athletes become the best they can be. For more information about USA Swimming Organization contact them.

Poor posture looks bad and can lead to major injuries for the swim athlete.  Poor posture an effect your swim technique because it may decrease your shoulder range of motion. This may lead to chest tightness and shoulders that limit shoulder strength and length.

For those young athletes who plan to swim in college do yourself a favor and begin a dry land swim program. You should start preparing yourself for the strength and conditioning needed for college programs.

Learn the correct form and technique for improving strength and power in the water. You should build strength as a swimmer but keep your range of motion that swimmers need.

Contact dry land swim coach Rance Palmer for more information.

Dry Land Fitness Training

designed for young swimmers


Our 1hr dry land fitness training program includes:

1. Core training exercises to develop the anterior and posterior sides that all swimmers need to be strong at.

2. Upper and lower body strength training to build young swimmers on a strong foundation. Swimmers need to be strong to improve times and be ready for all day events.

3. Upper and lower body plyometric training to develop explosive movements that young swimmers need in racing.

4. Flexibility training is a must for swimmers and they need to continue working on being flexible.

5. Balance and stability training is very beneficial for young swimmers because they need to strengthen joints and stabilize their bodies during swim events

6. Swimmers sports nutrition and hydration meal plans for competitive swimmers is a must. We need to recover from tough workouts and swim events.

7. Swimmers need to prevent overuse injuries and we offer you preventative exercises that will help you stay in the pool and not on the sidelines



Why dry Land Workouts?

because it works


For competitive swimmers to be on top of their game it is important for them to train outside as well as inside the water. Many swimmers and parents do not understand the benefits of dry land training outside of the water. Many do not understand the correct exercises that benefit a swimmer.

Top swimmers know they can gain more strength outside of the water than inside the pool. Dry Land training is a great opportunity to gain muscle balance by training muscle groups that are not normally used in the repetitive motions done by swimming in the pool.

Outside of the pool swimmers can develop strength and explosive power that will take their skills to another level. Swimmer have to be quick and explosive during races and training on land can build the skills quickly.

Contact swim fitness coach Rance Palmer for more details on how you can add dry land training to lower your times.