Poor nutrition and hydration can cause major problems for young athletes. Poor nutrition can have a serious effect on your sports performance or gains in the training room. Do not let poor nutrition be a part of your game plan. This may lead to not being at your best when you need to be.

For those young athletes who would like a sports nutrition game plan to use for their game, practices, or workouts we are here for you. You should start preparing yourself to be at your best for the strength and conditioning workouts needed to maximize gains.

Learn the correct nutrients for improving strength and power in your training program You should build strength and lean muscle but keep your body type in shape.

Contact certified sports nutritionalist Rance Palmer for more information.

What is the Keto diet? The keto diet is a very low carbohydrate and high fats with adequate protein intake. The diet is to help you burn fat. But is it good for young athletes to use a keto diet?

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How do you recover from workouts and prepare for workouts? What should you eat or consume before or after workouts? Does a young athlete eat what adults eat before or after workouts?

Certified sports nutritionalist Rance Palmer is a member of Gatorade Performance Center. The NSCA organization is the national governing body for the athletes in the United States. They have partnered up with Gatorade who helps athletes stay fueled.

Through various health and well being organizations and learning from coaches, trainers, nutritionalist I am able to pass of information to my young clients. Rance continues to use industry leading tools on hydration and performance to help my athletes be at their best.

Performance practitioners like Rance continues to improve his sports nutrition program with the help of various partners and others to help his young athletes. For more information about developing your own sports nutrition program contact Rance Palmer.

How does my sports nutrition program for young athletes in training programs start? 

My first assignment is to access your strengths and weaknesses. We access your strengths and weaknesses with a one hour evaluation. The evaluation examines your overall athletic ability.

My value is designing strength and power training programs for you based on your evaluation. However with the sports nutrition and hydration programs you are able to maximize each workout session.

The bottom line is your body will lose fat and gain muscle. Your stamina and endurance will improve with our specialize workout programs.

Sports nutrition

designed for serious young athletes


Your sports nutrition training program includes:

1. Understanding metabolism and learning basic nutritional guidelines.

2. Nutritional Labels and how to read them.

3. The big four building blocks essentials.

4. The 5 most important vitamins and minerals.

5. Learn the 8 superfoods that will help you pack on muscle.

6. Which hydration plan is best for you and how do you refuel your body after tough practices, games, and workouts.

7. The top 10 supplements every athlete should take

8. Learn the 7 foods for top performance

9. Your nutritional game plan for game day

10. Daily food diary to help you be at your best each day



Develop your own sports nutrition program

designed for serious young athletes

You can develop your own sports nutrition program with the help of my training. The main goal is to provide you with nutritional information that will help you with improved sports performance. You will be provided the framework with a nutritional game plan to help you be at your best during workouts and games. Create your own meal plans for game preparation and workouts.

Why sports nutrition?

because it works


For competitive young athletes to be on top of their game it is important for them to have a sports nutrition plan outside for their sport. Many athletes and parents do not understand the benefits of sports nutrition. Many do not understand the correct foods that can benefit the young athlete.

Top athletes know they can gain more strength and workout harder if they have the right nutrition and hydration program. My sports training program is a great opportunity for you to gain muscle and recover from serious workouts

You can develop strength and explosive power that will take your game to another level. However a great nutrition and hydration program designed for you will help the gains come faster.

Contact sports nutrition coach Rance Palmer for more details on how you can add a personal nutrition program to your game plan.