Junior tennis fitness and skills program

designed for serious young tennis athletes

Join our 5-10 week tennis fitness training program and become a better tennis athlete. As a tennis athlete you need to have court speed, agility, and quickness. If you want your serves and ground strokes to be strong and powerful we can help you. Contact tennis fitness trainerRance Palmer for a 1hr athletic evaluation to determine your strengths and weaknesses.

Youth Sports Training

Why should tennis athletes train?

because they will be more competitive


Young tennis athletes need to work on their skills and fitness to maximize their potential. Young players who add a tennis fitness program to their on court training have a greater opportunity to improve their rankings and earn college scholarships.


Tennis requires athletes to be quick, fast, and agile on the court to be effective against good players. Athletes who are fast on the tennis court makes it difficult for opponents to beat them.


Our tennis strength and power training will help you gain a more powerful serve that can be a weapon against opponents. Improve your hard hitting ground strokes that will blow pass your opponents.

If you want to be the best tennis player in your division or on your high school team join my tennis join my tennis program.




Tennis fitness training

for Junior tennis athletes


Your 1hr tennis fitness program includes:

1. Court speed, agility, and quickness to run down balls on defense and to make your opponent respect your game.

2. Upper and lower body strength training program that is designed to build your game on a strong foundation.

3. Upper and lower body explosive power training that will make your serves and ground strokes much more difficult for your opponent.

4. Balance and stability training to keep you in control of your body

5. Tennis stretching program that is designed to keep you flexible and able to relax under pressure.

6. Injury prevention exercises to keep you on the tennis court and not on the sidelines.

7. Tennis sports nutrition and hydration programs to give you the energy for matches and recovery from your workouts.