Youth Sports Training Programs in Rocklin

You can join the best youth sports training program for young athletes ages 12 years old and up. My youth sports training program is based on sound fundamental training principles designed for young athletes. 

Many of my boys and girls improve in a very short period of time. One hour workouts that fit into your busy school and practice schedules. Learn how sports training can help you improve your game.

My 15 years of youth sports training experience help me build young athletes on a strong foundation. I.S.S.A. and N.C.S.A. Certifications from some of the best training programs in the nation help me keep me updated on new and old training principles. 

Parents trust me with their kids and believe in my sports training methods. My proven success as a youth sports trainer is what you are hiring. If you need a youth sports trainer who gets results and are serious about your game contact me today.

Sports Teams

join our team workouts

If you are a competitive coach of a competitive travel team we have the perfect workout program for you. Your entire team can benefit from my 1hr sports training by a certified professional youth sports fitness trainer.


Your team can come in and train at our sports training facility for one hour. Enjoy a workout environment that is safe, fun, effective and gets your athletes ready for the season.


Certified Youth Sports trainer Rance has trained many different sports teams of ages 10yrs and up. He welcomes competitive teams to his sports training facility. Get the benefits that will make your team play better and become more competitive.


Contact ISSA Certified youth sports fitness trainer RancePalmer for more information on team training programs.

semi-private workouts

2 athletes Max

Semi-Private workouts are very affordable for parents and can be fun for young athletes because they have others to work with. These workouts are the most popular among our parents and long term clients.

Semi-private one hour training rates:

$30 per hour with a pre-pay of 5 one hour workouts. The total cost for 5 workouts is $150. Note: Semi-Private workouts are only available for certain sports, days, and times.

You can join my volleyball training program. This program is designed for serious young volleyball athletes ages 12yrs and up. Club volleyball and high school players will love this volleyball program.

Giving my talented young athletes the game plan to reach their dreams of playing in college for the sport they love. Helping bring smiles to my athletes and their families .

Semi-Private Workouts

4 or less athletes


If you are a parent or coach who wants to have a small group of 4 or less young athletes join our sports training program we can assist you.


Our 1hr group training program is made up of young athletes you wish to come in and train at our facility. You put the group together and we supply the training tools and programs for all of your young athletes.


Your cost for group training can be divided by all who want to participate. That keeps the cost down for all young athletes and parents.


Call Certified sports fitness and skills trainer Rance Palmer for more information about available training days and times.




One On one training

"It is all about you"

There are many benefits with one on one 1hr sports training. Young athletes will get individualized attention that focuses on them developing quickly. It is more expensive hourly but is very beneficial for faster individual growth and development.

Private one hour training rates are:

$40 per hour per workouts. The total cost for one hour workout package will be $40 per session. Note: If you sign up for more than 5 one on one workouts you will receive a lesser rate.

Youth sports trainer Rance Palmer use some of the best training sources to help my young athletes develop their fitness and skills. My goal is to continue learning from the best minds in sports and fitness. Sports training is a tool used to develop athletes and have them at their best.   

You can join my girls or boys competitive soccer training program. This program develops soccer speed and improves soccer skills. Private and semi-private workouts are open to athletes ages 12yrs and up..

Join the best girls softball training program for competitive players. Semi-private and private training programs are open. Contact Rance for training days and times. Developing the best young softball athletes.

My youth football training program is designed for ages 12yrs old and up. You can have a 1hr private or semi private training session. Contact Rance for training days and times.

Baseball training program designed for athletes 12yrs and up. Join a great program that develops base-running speed and hitting power. If you are a pitcher I can help you gain more throwing velocity on your throws.

Junior golf training programs designed for serious young golfers who want to compete at a higher level. Learn how to increase club head speed for longer drives off the tee.